Experts: regular coffee drinking reduces the risk of many diseases

Coffee does not increase the risk of diseases, for example. hypertension, as it was believed until recently, just the opposite: it has a beneficial effect on our health and protects against many diseases, the specialists argued during a meeting with journalists in Warsaw.

– There are still many myths circulating in on the adverse effects of in the health of coffee, meanwhile, the latest research suggests that it is not a risky product. It increases our body’s potential and protects against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and some rymi cancers, such as liver or colon cancer – said Dr. Regina Wierzejska of the Institute of Food and Nutrition in Warsaw.

The specialist stressed that the Institute in 2016. placed coffee in the revised Healthy Eating Pyramid as a recommended product. – This is not to say that coffee should be drunk like other recommended products, you just don’t have to worry that it may be harmful. Therefore, if someone doesn’t like it, they shouldn’t force themselves to drink it – she added.

Head of the III Department of Disease b Internal Medicine and Cardiology of the Warsaw Medical University prof. Artur Mamcarz said that coffee does not increase the risk of hypertension. Acknowledged that caffeine can raise blood pressure, but the body gets used to it and tolerates it better over time.

– In the scientific guidelines of cardiovascular societies, coffee has not been placed among the d product , which rich should be avoided due to hypertension or disease b cardiovascular. On the other hand, it is strongly recommended to avoid salting food. From our home should therefore disappear from the salt shaker, not the coffee maker – stressed Prof. Mamcarz.

According to a specialist, coffee protects against cardiovascular disease rather than contributing to it. It can even act as some re drugs, because it has a diuretic effect, as do some re cardiovascular drugs, such as diuretics used to treat hypertension.

– I am a supporter of coffee, and have been drinking large amounts of it for many years, from 5 to even 10 cups a day. But nly beneficial to health is drinking tea – said Prof. Mamcarz. The specialist added that it is possible to drink large amounts of coffee (more than 5-6 cups a day), although it is uncertain whether above this limit the health effects are correspondingly greater.

– It is a poorly composed diet, not coffee, that is bad for health – emphasized the WUM cardiologist.

Dr. Slawomir Murawiec of the Polish Psychiatric Association, editor-in-chief of the quarterly journal "Psychiatry", zwr He pointed out that it is a rather common misconception that coffee can addictively. Coffee is not a stimulant and does not act like a drug, under the influence of which rego man thinks of nothing else but to drink it. – It is only difficult to change the habit that regular coffee drinking can become – added psychiatrist.

Coffee makes us happy; on many os b soothing effect of its taste and smell. In addition, it helps combat stress, improves attention span and can enhance cognitive skills. There is evidence that 75 mg of coffee – the amount in one cup – increases focus and alertness.

Experts have confirmed that coffee may even protect against some rymed with diseases of the central nervous system, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. – With some rych studies show that regular drinking of moderate amounts of coffee, or 3-4 cups, can on average by eight years op źnić rozw j dementia – admitted Dr. Wierzejska.

During the meeting it was argued also that it is a myth that the fairly common belief that coffee leaches magnesium from the body. It is not true also that coffee causes dehydration of the body (because it has a diuretic effect). This can only happen as a result of drinking a lot of coffee, for example. 5 cups, in kr tkim.

– For 10 years, coffee has not been banned for athletesc as a doping agent. Before the competition, therefore, they can drink a small black – emphasized Dr. Wierzejewska.

The specialist explained that the beneficial effects of coffee on health are due to the fact that, in addition to caffeine, it contains many other valuable ingredients , such as polyphenols and antioxidants. Their content depends on the type of coffee, as well as how b it is brewed and prepared. – I would not discredit even instant coffee. It all depends on how b it is manufactured,” added Dr. Wierzejewska.

The meeting, which The event, sponsored by the Institute of Food and Nutrition, was organized by the Foundation "Food, Physical Activity and Health".

Source source: PAP – Science in Poland , CC BY 2.0/ Julius Schorzman / Wikimedia Commons