A new action by the Health Ministry. Man-horse encourages prevention

The Ministry of Health has released a series of educational spots aimed at young people. Starring a horse man who encourages prevention with the slogan: take care of yourself and enjoy horse health.

A new campaign by the Ministry of Health aims to convince Poles for regular preventive examinations. The ministry, through the spot, is encouraging people to develop healthy habits in and eliminate stimulants.

The role of the narrator was played by a man-horse, who ry advises how to live to have horse health. Action „Prevention, Human” is aimed at young os b. That’s why marketing activities are conducted primarily on the Internet.

– We want to in this unconventional way b us urge young adults to change their lifestyles, be more physically active, limit their alcohol intake and not smoke cigarettes – Deputy Health Minister Piotr Gryza said.

Through the campaign, the Ministry of Health wants to draw ct the attention of young people b on how a healthy diet, physical activity, our mental condition and our environment, including polluted air, can affect our health. The activities undertaken as part of the campaign are intended to encourage recipients of the to change their lifestyles to healthier ones and get them to perform regular preventive examinations.

The campaign was supported by the specialist community : Polish Society of Cardiology, the College of Family Physicians in Poland and the Society of Internists in the Polish.

Recently, the health ministry encouraged polak in the „reproduction, as kr liki”. „If you want to become a parent someday, follow the example of kr lik " – encouraged in the spot. Campaign with kr ly did not please the Poles. Commentators stressed that the choice kr lik was not entirely happy.