E-cigarettes are also carcinogenic

The question of the harmfulness of e-cigarettes is currently one of the most controversial topics in health, widely discussed zar no in the world of medi , as well as science.

The marker-like slender devices, in tions of different colors and designs, are often presented as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes in, which re not only poisoned by nicotine, but also by dozens of other substances produced during tobacco combustion. Hence, this type of gadget is often reached for by young, health-conscious people or those who re looking to quit smoking. This is because there is, rather unconfirmed by scientifc in the opinion that e-cigarettes help quit addiction.

Studies conducted so far show that although such devices actually emit much less toxic substances, they still cause harm because they deliver nicotine. And it represents the main a major problem. Recent reports related to this substance are highly disturbing, as they show that the nicotine contained in the „smoke” from e-cigarettes has serious carcinogenic effects rcze.

Attention to nitrosamines

Syndrome prof. Moon-shong Tanga of New York University’s Department of Environmental Medicine decided to test how fumes from e-cigarettes affect lung, heart and bladder tissues. The study was conducted on mice, as a similar experiment on humans would be considered unethical.

During the three-month experiment, ten mice spent three hours a day, five days a week, in rooms filled with e-cigarette fumes. Nicotine content corresponded to the amount that In the next stage of the study we checked to what extent nicotine and its metabolites affect the functioning of human smokers „burn”.

A control group of mice (also 10 individuals (w) inhaled clean filtered air for three months.

After that, the tissues of all the animals were examined and it was found in the lungs, hearts and bladders of mice inhaling fumes from e-cigarettes there are serious damage caused by nitrosamines. These carcinogens rcze substances are a product of nicotine metabolism in the body. In these mice, Also impairment of the natural mechanism in DNA repair in the lungs.

The next stage of the study examined to what extent nicotine and its metabolites affect the functioning of human com lung and bladder rec. This step was carried out on cultures of com rkowych. They have been shown to increase the risk of mutation and cancer in both of these cases.

It is best not to smoke in og le

On this basis, the composite ł prof. Tanga found that smoking e-cigarettes may be carcinw ricidal to the lungs and bladder and harmful to heart function.

And although the level of metabolites in nicotine formed in our bodies by smoking e-cigarettes is lower than when using traditional cigarettes , they are still present in our tissues. This means that the threat to human health still exists, and the risk of getting lung cancer (which rego smoking is a major The study was conducted in order to find out whether the cause b heart is so high that it is worth considering quitting the habit altogether.

In Poland, the number of users e-cigarette is about. 1.5-1.7 million os b. For the most part, these are people who ho had previously indulged in more traditional „balloons”. Many believe they chose the healthier option of addiction. But there is growing evidence that the notion of „less harmful” is illusory. Deceptive enough to be downright deadly.