An alternative to coffee: yerba mate holly

An infusion made from the leaves of the holly plant, or yerba mate, is an excellent way to give yourself a healthy boost. It can be a good alternative to coffee. However, this South American beverage exhibits a number of additional valuable properties. Why you should reach for it?

Paraguayan holly – origin

Yerba Mate is simply the dried leaves of the Paraguayan holly plant. The resulting infusion is extremely popular in Poland and around the world. It should not be confused with tea (Camellia sinensis), because it is extracted from a different plant (ilex paraguariensis), in this case zar Both from dried leaves and twigs. The holly grows primarily within the borders of southern Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay, and p northeastern Argentina. The first harvest of the leaves is carried out about three years after planting the seedlings. To drink Yerba Mate, it is worth equipping yourself with professional accessories – A matero, which is a special ceramic or other vessel made of calabash, wood or bamboo. It will be necessary to also the Bombilla tube, through which Yerba can be conveniently sipped as a ready infusion.

Unique properties. What gives drinking Yerba Mate?

Nap j this tea is most appreciated for its stimulating properties. The caffeine variety present in it, or matein, is responsible for this. It is gradually released in the body, stimulating the work of m zgu, improving memory and concentration. Yerba will be ideal for sipping during work, study, training and mental effort, instead of regular coffee. Additionally, it improves our mood, making us feel more relaxed, calm and less tired. The beneficial effects on the nervous system have to do with the presence of vitamin B, called „a natural antidepressant”.

What’s more, scientists have discovered that an infusion of Paraguayan holly has antioxidant properties (reduces the formation of free radicals in the body, slows down the aging process), anti-inflammatory and anticancer. Yerba Mate is recommended also people who care about their appearance and figure. Supports the production of collagen and elastin in sk rze, making it much more resilient and smooth. U os b frequently reaching for this brew less often wrinkles and furrows appear. On top of that, it facilitates weight loss because it inhibits fat absorption processes. This makes the meals consumed „less caloric”. It is recommended Also people suffering from bladder and digestive problems, high levels of bad cholesterol, and the development of atherosclerosis.

How to buy Yerba Mate to get the expected results?

There is no doubt that it is worth including Yerba in your daily diet. It can reduce the severity of The dietary supplement can help in the treatment of various diseases and ailments, provide a mild stimulus, help maintain a slim figure and improve mood j. However, it is important to buy high-quality products. Many store does not have a wide selection of dried products, and in addition, it often has win rated price. Therefore, instead of local markets, it is better to look for more favorable deals in online stores that sell only good quality varieties, such as. On YMT24. There we get a particular The provides detailed information on each product, a huge range of The huge range of different types of in Yerba Mate and the necessary accessories In serving its preparation.