Surprising side effect of osteoporosis drug. Can cure baldness

A drug originally designed to treat osteoporosis has been shown to have great potential in treating alopecia. British scientists accidentally discovered that it had hair growth-stimulating properties much faster than other such agents.

4 out of 10 men over the age of 45 suffer from what is known as “air pollution. androgenetic alopecia. Current drugs that re can inhibit hair loss are not entirely effective and have some side effects. There is still the possibility of transplantation. But all these options may be a thing of the past with a specific for osteoporosis, kt ry has surprisingly good results in treating baldness.

Researchers at the University of Manchester say the agent, named WAY-316606, is effective in stimulating hair growth. The drug has been tested in the laboratory on pr bc hair follicle-containing sk ry head for more than 40 patients in post-transplant hair. The results of the study were published on „PLOS Biology”.

Researchers in the study used an old immunosuppressant drug, cyclosporine A, used since the 1980s. last century to prevent rejection of the transplanted organ and reduce the symptoms of the in diseased b autoimmune. They discovered that the drug reduced the activity of a protein called SFRP1, a key growth regulator, kt ry affects many tissues, including Also on hair follicles. However, cyclosporin A proved to have undesirable side effects.

However, researchers already knew what to look for. An agent targeting the SFRP1 protein appeared to have the best results. In this way b scientists came across WAY-316606. An old drug for osteoporosis, kt ry during the study inhibited the action of the said protein even better than cyclosporin A.

– A new therapy could change the lives of people who ers suffer from alopecia – said Nathan Hawkshaw, project leader. He acknowledged that the preparation could cause real improvement in people b suffering from hair loss. However, he added that clinical trials are needed to make sure the drug is safe.