Video games benefit the intellectual performance of the elderly

Researchers at the University of Montreal believe that the results of their study can be used to halt cognitive impairment, memory loss, and perhaps even stop Alzheimer’s disease.

For the study, the researchers recruited 33 people between the ages of 55 and 75 and divided them into three groups. The first group was given rather peculiar tasks. They were to play Super Mario 64 every day for a minimum of p ł hours. They were to repeat the activity five days a week for six months. The second group was to take piano lessons at the same frequency, and the last group did not receive the assignment.

Prior to the experiment, m zgi participant in the magnetic resonance method. A test of cognitive ability was also performed. The same activities repeat The vaccination was carried out after the survey was completed.

The results of the examination, which re were published in PLOS ONE showed that in a group that ra by p ³ year she played Super Mario 64 was found to increase the volume of the gray matter in particular lnie in the hippocampus and m gn, which also resulted in improved memory kr tkot trwałej. In a group that ra took piano lessons was observed also increase in gray matter volume, but in the prefrontal cortex and m bek.

– 3D video games engage the hippocampus in the creation of a cognitive map, or mental representation of a virtual environment, in which they rym m zg explores – said Professor Gregory West of the University of Montreal. He added that gray matter volume declines with age. This is closely associated with cognitive decline and is a common feature of many diseases b neurological symptoms, which re affect the performance of m zgu.

– The good news is that we can reverse the reverse this effect and increase the volume of the gray matter by learning something new. Games such as Super Mario 64, which re they activate the hippocampus, they seem to have some potential in this regard – admitted West.

– Our findings could be used in future Alzheimer’s research, as there is a link between hippocampal volume and the risk of developing the disease, added Professor Sylvie Belleville, who The ra was also involved in research.

In recent years, many studies have analyzed the relationship between playing video games and m zgiem. Og ln general, studies have shown video games in a positive light, linking them to improved memory and og ln general fitness m zgu.