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Vauen Dr Perl Electronic Pipe Only For $120.00


Electronic Pipe* and the accessories to make it work, just add your own juice!

This E-Pipe is made from a recycled estate tobacco pipe.
This pipe has scuffs and scratches.



Time to review an e cigar after reviewing all those e cigarettes.

If you like that cigar looks, and if you want something with a good battery life (size matters) and lasting cartridges, e cigar is the right choice for you.

It looks like a real cigar, but not that squishy one the ends.

The Antonio Villard Royale E-Cigar Review


The Antonio Villard Royale is a true luxury e-cigar that provides the user with a rich and exquisite cigar experience.  Royale Premium Electronic Cigar comes in a larger ring size (54) and darker wrapper to provide the user with a stately and pronounced cigar that is perfect for enjoying a night out on the town, or even relaxing at home. Royale e-cigars may be the ultimate blend in this outstanding luxury selection that has enjoyed high praise since it’s introduction in 2010.

Veppo Electronic Cigar – 5 Pack


Veppo Electronic Cigar 5 Pack IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MOMENT. The late nights in the office. The evenings before a big launch. The celebration after a big win. Each 1200 mAh rechargeable electronic cigar battery comes with a built-in USB charger

Electronic Hookah Pen : A Guide for Begineers


Electronic cigarettes are a popular trend these days. Unlike e-cig, electronic hookah pen is not that famous. Due to lack of knowledge they are still using shisha smoking. Teenagers and adults are more likely to enjoy smoking shisha and alternate hookah smoking with flavors. But, electronic hookah pens are not yet famous among these people. Do you have a plan to try electronic hookah? Looking for a guide to start with? Here comes the simple guide to understand how they look and works.

Totally Wicked Patriot Range Review


Totally Wicked recently launched Patriot Range E liquid and stop the terrible waiting. The e juice range is very well suited for the electronic smoking devices. You get the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful array of exotic flavors. The Totally Wicked e liquid product provides nicotine liquid in varied strengths ranging from 0 mg to about 36 mg. Excellence of the e juices from Totally Wicked is outstanding thus far, yet the Patriot Range is very special.

Dse 701 E-Cigar By Cotan E-Cig


Des 701 E-Cigar standard content:

•  1  x  Atomizer
•  2  x  rechargeable batteries (360mAh)
•  5  x  refill cartridges
•  1  x  Wall charge plug(110-220V)

E-Cigarette (Dse701) Specifications:

•  Size: Diameter12mm Length: 148mm
•  Weight of single cigarette: 35.2g
•  E-liquid content of each cartridge: 1.7g
•  Each cartridge equals traditional cigarette: 30PCS
•  Mouthfuls for each cartridge keep: 400-500mouthfuls
•  Battery capacity: 360mAh
•  Normal working voltage4.2_3.3V
•  Charge voltage: 4.2V
•  Charging time: 3.0-3.5 hours
•  Full charged battery lasts for: 400-500puffs
•  Heating coil resistance: 2.7-3.0ohm
•  Battery life: More than 300 times

Function Description:

•  With a dual-lamp light indicator (red light means working condition,  green light means alarm state)Install batteries,  green light flashes once,  said power on,  go on standby.
•  Smoking red light turns on; Stop smoking red light quench,  go on standby
•  The LED light flashes continuously when the battery voltage falls below 3.4V,  indicating a low voltage alarm,  replace the battery
•  Flow,  sensitivity in the sense that the same with the smoke of ordinary cigarettes
•  Green light turns on when fully charged or in no-load,  red light in the charging state. Charger output voltage between 4.18 ~ 4.35V.

The Search for Stores that Sell Electronic Cigars


There are many stores that sell electronic cigars, but they vary depending on where you live. For those with an interest in the new electronic cigar technology, there are several places where you can almost always find ecigs well stocked and readily available. Use these tips to find electronic cigars and buy your starter kit today.

Using Them for the Long Haul


I gave up cigars several years ago. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. The entire time I was going through the nicotine I was so cranky that my wife and kids practically begged me to start smoking again. We were all happy when I finally regained my regular cheerful personality and no longer found myself reaching for a cigar every five minutes.

Johnson Creek e liquid review


Johnson Creek make a lot of e juice flavors, but this one, Original Smoke Juice Black Cherry is one you ought to try!

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